ViewHD HDMI Matrix 4X2 review – 3D 4K

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I was asked to present to a large conference which was to be broadcasted on both – a projection screen as well as on a video conferencing system. My current laptop’s HDMI was only capable of connecting to a projector so a colleague advised me to purchase a splitter to connect multiple devices from my laptop. The ViewHD Prosumer that I bought from Amazon worked well. I was really worried about the sound and video quality but I was amazed at the quality especially the audio signals were flawless. The splitter was easy to install and use. The lightweight box made it convenient for me to carry it to the office. My audience was also impressed with the overall presentation that I displayed. However, I have heard many people complain about their splitter boxes getting a bit hot during usage but I can’t say that I had the same problem. It did get a bit warm of course, but I’m sure any device without a fan or ventilation system equipped inside is bound to get hot. So no worries there! Great product and reasonable price! Highly recommendable!

In: 4x HDMI
Out: 2x HDMI
Resolution: Ultra HD up to 2160p
3D: yes
HDCP: yes (bypass possible)