Tmvel HDMI Matrix 4×2 review – 4K 3D

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I purchased the Matrix Switch box to share a DirectTv Cable Box to Two LED HD TV’s located in different rooms of the house. The box comes in a solid metal casing with wires, connectors, and the power button located on the rear side of the box making it look neat and immaculate. The box was easy to install and no hassles at all there. The box works pretty well and the audio output is a rare but a welcoming feature of the Matrix Box especially for those users who don’t have integrated speakers in their devices. The only difficulty I had with the receiver was that the manufacturer did not install a battery for the remote and I had to run instantly after installation to purchase one in order to start using the system. Other than that I have no issues, especially switching between the two devices was as easy as 1,2,3, and go. Great product! Worth buying!

In: 4x HDMI
Out: 2x HDMI
Resolution: Ultra HD up to 2160p
3D: yes
HDCP: yes