Sewell 1×2 HDMI Splitter review – 4k

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The Sewell HDMI powered splitter allows you to use multiple screens with a single HDMI source. It takes on an HDMI signal and duplicates that signal to send 2 outputs simultaneously of the same high definition quality. Each output displays the highest possible resolution. One best feature of the Sewell HDMI splitter is HDCP support. It protects the content from being pirated and ensures that the content makes it unchanged to the display as long as your hardware is set up properly.

The high quality construction and wire gauges of the splitter allow for an operating frequency of about 225 MHz. The size of the splitter and the work it does is what amazes me. At only 2.75 to 2.5 inches and .75 inches in height this splitter is the pretty cost effective and produces the image quality which is incomparable.

While playing games and watching movies on television using the Sewell HDMI splitter I did not notice any delay or lag and had absolutely no problem with video and audio. I also have no problems in detecting the monitors and getting confirmation that my monitors are HDCP compliant. The Sewell HDMI splitter is an easy solution but is not light weight or cheaply built because of the solid metal casing on both the top and bottom for maximum protection of the insides.

In: 1x HDMI
Out: 2x HDMI
Resolution: Ultra HD up to 2160p
3D: yes
HDCP: yes (bypass NOT possible)