PORTTA 3×1 HDMI Switch review – 3D 1080P

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I have to say this, the no-name switch outperforms the pros. I needed to connect my ps3 (hdmi) and dish receiver (hdmi) to an hdtv which only had a dvi input (using an hdmi to dvi cable). I tried the Sony str-dg720 receiver for hdmi switching, then the monopricehdmi switcher. Neither worked (the Sony manual says it doesn’t play well with hdmi-dvi cables, so I was going out on a limb there).Now this little baby on the other hand, comes with extremely poor written instructions (think google translation of a foreign language manual), so I connected it not even expecting it to work. But wonders! Not only does it switch flawlessly between the ps3 and the dish receiver (producing a perfect output), it even has a “priority” function which works perfectly. Basically, the dish hdmi port always outputs a signal, even on standby, so I keep it on a lower priority input (port 2). I’ve connected the ps3 to port 1, so if I turn on the ps3 this switches automatically to the ps3. When the ps3 is powered off, it automatically switches back to the dish receiver. It’s great to find a product which actually performs as advertised. Kudos to the manufacturer and CE compass (the Amazon seller I bought this product from). 100% worth the money!

In: 3x HDMI
Out: 1x HDMI
Resolution: Full HD up to 1080p
3D: yes