OREI 1×4 HDMI Splitter review – 1080P 3D

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The OREI HD-104 Powered Splitter will take a single HDMI signal and duplicate that single signal into 4 displays simultaneously, with the same intensity of high definition. The output displays are of an excellent quality, essentially the same as the input quality. The splitter is incredibly useful for those who are looking to take a signal and rout it out to multiple locations. This model of OREI helped my PC which also serves as a video station in one room, to provide signal to other rooms in the house. Duplicating a signal this way is pretty easy for me and with OREI HD-104, I suffered no loss in quality. Although I have used splitters from other brands which have loose ports where wires are always moving around, but this one has no comparison, being a small unit, the built is excellent and sturdy. The cables nestle snug and sound.

All in all, the OREI 104 is a convenient and slick way to split off your signals. The heritage of trustworthiness and specialized features are what distinguish it from other models out there. Top of Form

In: 1x HDMI
Out: 4x HDMI
Resolution: Full HD up to 1080p
3D: yes
HDCP: yes (bypass possible)