Mediabridge HDMI Cable review – (6 Feet) 4K 3D and Audio Return

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For those who don’t know, HDMI Cables work or they not. They are not like the analog cables (remember the red, white, and yellow connectors on the plugs used to connect your DVD player to TV), which give you unclear picture and sound quality. With HDMI cables you either get a picture or your money is gone down the drain. Well for my new Roku Box, I purchased a Mediabridge Flex Series HDMI Cable to assist in connecting it to my LCD TV. I am not very tech-savvy and was surprised at the easy-installation of the wire. All I had to do was plug and was ready to go. The cable connected just fine and the picture/sound quality was seamless. I especially liked the “flex” aspect of the wire as it makes it convenient to roll up the extra wires according to the needs instead of those thick and stiff wires. The wire also provides easy usability for shared internet connections without the need for any extra wiring. The wiring is also compatible with previous HDMI standards that used backwards HDMI connectors. The green logo on the wire is also an attractive feature. I will certainly recommend the wire to others. It’s definitely worth it.