HDMI Splitter loss of quality?

I have often seen the question on the internet, if there is quality loss when using an HDMI Splitter, that is, the audio and image decline. In order to remedy this fear, the image and audio quality do not decline when a good HDMI Splitter is used! Since the HDMI cable transmit digital signals and digital signals can be copied without loss of quality, then the quality remains the same with the transmission. For this to be possible, a good HDMI splitter is needed. By a poorly produced splitter, there would be no sound or there would be image noise. In my HDMI Splitter comparison, good and inexpensive HDMI splitters are reviewed.

Audio transmission for HDMI Splitter

The question as to whether the audio is also transmitted by the HDMI splitter, I have also often seen in forums. The audio is naturally also transmitted to both screens. Therefore it is possible that one HDMI signal can be used for image transmission on a television and at the same time, transmit to a sound system for the audio transmission, since in this case two HDMI cables are needed. For more see the article “HDMI Splitter Audio”.

Long HDMI Cable

When very long – or short poorly manufactured – HDMI cables are used, a loss of quality is possible. Therefore only quality HDMI cables should be bought that cost maximum a few euros more that the cheaper varieties, in return you will always have a good image. Also, HDMI cables with a length up to 5 m should be used, as up to this length there are no problems to transmit the image and audio trouble-free. If a longer HDMI cable is needed, there are good cables that are up to 10 m that work problem-free. For cables longer than 10 m, one should really inquiry about the quality of the cable!

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