HDMI Splitter HDCP

HDCP means High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection and was developed by Intel in 2003. HDCP is an encryption system for the interfaces DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort and it is intended for the secure transmission of images and audio. It is meant to prevent the copying of copy-protected media – like Blue-ray discs or HD DVDs.

It is important to note that if the recording device (for example a DVD player) requests an HDCP connection, then the play-back device (e.g. a television) must also support HDCP. If the play-back device, which receives the HDCP secured HDMI signals, does not support HDCP then the play-back can be limited (for example in lower resolution instead of HD) or there is no transmission.

HDCP and HDMI Splitter

But why is it relevant if the HDMI splitter supports HDCP or not? Important is that the HDMI splitter supports HDCP at the HDMI input. Whether it transmits HDMI signals with secure HDCP at the output or not, is unimportant in most cases, we will talk about this later in the article.

If the HDMI splitter does not support HDCP at the input, then the transmitted quality of the HDCP secured HDMI signal is poor – or is even not transmitted, since the HDMI splitter is seen as the HDMI receiver, that is the “play-back device” (with regard to HDCP security). Therefore it is important that the HDMI splitter at least supports HDCP at the input port in order that high resolution videos can be transmitted without problems.

All the presented splitters in the HDMI Splitter review support HDCP!

Bypassing the HDCP restrictions with an HDMI splitter

If you have an HDMI splitter that supports HDCP input, that transmits the HDMI signal at the output, however, without HDCP security, this is how you can simply bypass the HDCP restriction. The HDMI splitter test winner can for example do this. But why should one want to bypass the HDMI splitter’s HDSP restriction?

The PlayStation 4 transmits for example outgoing video over an HDCP protected HDMI signal. If one would like to record from the PS4 over HDMI, then the HDCP restriction has to be bypassed, since it prevents copying and the recording of the video is nothing else but a copy. If you would like to record from the PS3 or PS4 (for example with an Elgato Game Capture HD), then an HDMI splitter like the one from OREI can be used in order to bypass the HDCP protection!