HDMI Splitter Experience

I have reviewed many HDMI splitters in-depth and read dozens of customer reviews about HDMI splitters on Amazon.de. My HDMI experience is that many of these splitters work really well, there are however a few black sheep that are poorly manufactured and therefore do not work well or break easily.

HDMI Splitter review

Based on the HDMI splitter that does not work like it should, that is, the ones that are poorly manufactured, I have written an HDMI splitter review, which offers an HDMI splitter comparison with my HDMI splitter experience. In this review only high-quality HDMI splitters with a very good value for money are reviewed.

HDMI Switch

Are you really looking for an HDMI splitter? Or maybe for an HDMI switch? A HDMI splitter is used to divide an incoming HDMI signal to many outgoing HDMI signals. The HDMI signal from the equipment is copied to many screens.

An HDMI switch, on the other hand, has many HDMI inputs and leads the signal from one of these inputs over the HDMI output. It is possible to select which one should be shown on the screen from several connected HDMI devices.

A detailed explanation about the differences between HDMI splitters, HDMI switch and an HDMI matrix, can be found in the article “HDMI Splitter vs Switch vs Matrix”.

Audio transmission and loss of quality

Did you know that images and audio can be transmitted over the HDMI splitter, that is, it can be copied? Have you ever asked if the image and audio quality suffers when transmitted by an HDMI splitter? I can help you to relax! Since the HDMI signal is a digital signal, it can be copied as often as you wish without losing quality. Only an HDMI cable that is too long or a poorly manufactured HDMI splitter can deteriorate the quality. More about this in the article “HDMI Splitter loss of quality”.