HDMI Splitter Audio

It is often asked in many forums if the HDMI splitter can also transmit audio or is it only the video. Of course the HDMI splitter can transmit sound as well as video track. It is also said that with good HDMI splitters there is no loss of quality.

Video and Sound Separated

An HDMI splitter can also be used in such a way that one output of the HDMI splitter is used to send the image to the screen and the second output is used to send the audio to a sound system. This makes sense for a home theatre since sound system and the television are independent of each other. It all works without any issues with a qualitative HDMI splitter.

Separate Audio Output

There are also HDMI splitters with a separate audio output. For example, there are HDMI matrices with a separate SPDIF-Toslink or 3.5 mm jack output that make the audio independent of the HDMI cable and only the image is transmitted per HDMI to the screen.