Fosmon 5×1 HDMI Switch review – 3D 1080p

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So few ports and so many devices? Connect 5 HDMI equipped devices to a single display with this switch and enjoy the convenience of not having to change the cable each time you need to use a different device. The Fosmon HDMI switch has worked pretty well with my HD equipped electronics including HD-DVD’s, HDTV, Blu-ray player, PS3 and Xbox 360. Simply use the button on the switch box or on the remote control to choose the input you want to use.

Fosmon HDMI switch has 5 HDMI input sources which let you plug and forget auto sensing capabilities that automatically switches input when a signal is detected. The best part is that from the comfort of your couch, you can switch the source from a single press of the button on the remote control. All of the outputs maintain a high resolution, beautiful and sharp HDTV video up to 1080p. Invest on Fosmon HDMI switch and you won’t be let down by the quality and durability of all that the switch has to offer. Because of the switch, the life of your HDMI port will be increased as you will no longer have to crawl behind your screen every time to switch the plugged devices.

In: 5x HDMI
Out: 1x HDMI
Resolution: Full HD up to 1080p
3D: yes
HDCP: yes