Fosmon 3×1 HDMI Switch review – 3D 1080p

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The Fosmon HDMI switch with pigtail allows multiple HDMI devices such as Blu-ray DVD, HD DVD, PS3, Xbox, satellite box and cable box to share my single HD plasma TV. It is a high quality HDMI switch which extends the range of all HDMI devices by re-clocking and equalizing HDMI signals. The benefit of the pigtail cable is that when one device is switched off, the pigtail switch will select automatically the next device or you can even select another device manually with the buttons provided on the box. The source device however has to be powered off for the pigtail switch to select a different source automatically.

The 3 port to 1 output switch comes equipped with one fixed HDMI cable which can be used in a plug and play fashion thereby reducing the need to have multiple plugs behind your TV set. So I would totally recommend Fosmon HDMI switch with pigtail cable to those who want high definition function for games and videos and are looking for a low cost, easy and fast connection switches. The biggest benefit is that cable clutter is eliminated by running just one HDMI cable along your TV from a switch and relocating the port to a hidden location.

In: 3x HDMI
Out: 1x HDMI
Resolution: Full HD up to 1080p
3D: yes
HDCP: yes