Etekcity 4×1 HDMI Switch review – 4K 3D

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The Etekcity HDMI switch with IR wireless remote power adapter is a handy little device which allows you to connect up to 4 HDMI devices for example DVD players, game systems, laptops etc. up to one HDMI display. The box includes a remote control, switch, a/c adapter and an instruction manual. All you need to do is pull off the plastic tab and connect the battery to use the remote control. The set is pretty simple, you just need to connect the box to the power supply and it immediately powers up, no on and off switch required. The PIP (picture in picture) feature on the remote allows you to get a preview on screen of all the devices that are connected. This allows you to play Xbox on the main display while watching a movie on the second display. This switch is highly recommended to anyone in search of a simply HDMI switch. It is a great box if your monitor screen or TV does not have multiple HDMI inputs, but you have access to multiple devices which you need to connect. The remote control ensures that you do not have to ever leave the comfort of your couch to switch between devices. Because of the switch, the life of your HDMI port will be increased as you will no longer have to crawl behind your screen every time to switch the plugged devices.

In: 4x HDMI
Out: 1x HDMI
Resolution: Ultra HD up to 2160p
3D: yes
HDCP: yes