I have to say this, the no-name switch outperforms the pros. I needed to connect my ps3 (hdmi) and dish receiver (hdmi) to an hdtv which only had a dvi input (using an hdmi to dvi cable). I tried the Sony str-dg720 receiver for hdmi switching, then...

$8.33 as at 04:43 UTC. (Details)

The Etekcity HDMI switch with IR wireless remote power adapter is a handy little device which allows you to connect up to 4 HDMI devices for example DVD players, game systems, laptops etc. up to one HDMI display. The box includes a remote control,...

$6.20 as at 17:49 UTC. (Details)

So few ports and so many devices? Connect 5 HDMI equipped devices to a single display with this switch and enjoy the convenience of not having to change the cable each time you need to use a different device. The Fosmon HDMI switch has worked pretty...

$10.49 as at 04:51 UTC. (Details)

The Fosmon HDMI switch with pigtail allows multiple HDMI devices such as Blu-ray DVD, HD DVD, PS3, Xbox, satellite box and cable box to share my single HD plasma TV. It is a high quality HDMI switch which extends the range of all HDMI devices by...

$9.99 as at 04:43 UTC. (Details)

So now that you have a setup where you need to connect 2 HDMI sources like PS3 or a Blu-ray player to a single HDMI display like your big screen, or your LCD, or even want to switch a single HDMI video source easily between 2 displays. The HDMI...

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