Are you a tech junkie like me and have many HDMI supporting devices that are all connected using different wires? Do you wish you can de-clutter the wiring that is compatible with all your HDMI devices? Well after researching thoroughly, I found the...

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For those who don’t know, HDMI Cables work or they not. They are not like the analog cables (remember the red, white, and yellow connectors on the plugs used to connect your DVD player to TV), which give you unclear picture and sound quality. With...

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I recently bought a XBOX 360 from a friend but the HDMI cable was not included with the product. I ordered the HDMI High Speed Cable at Amazon and was surprised at it’s low cost and the minimum shipping days. After connecting it, I found that the...

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After shopping around at nearby electronic goods stores, I found that most HDMI Cables were quite pricey. However, I did not want to go overboard on a cable just to get adequate audio and video quality. Of course, we shouldn’t compromise also and...

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