AmazonBasics HDMI Cable review – 6.5 Feet (2 Meters) 3D 4K and Audio Return

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After shopping around at nearby electronic goods stores, I found that most HDMI Cables were quite pricey. However, I did not want to go overboard on a cable just to get adequate audio and video quality. Of course, we shouldn’t compromise also and after much internet research, I found the Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI cable. It is exactly what I wanted. A cable that gets the job done and is also budget-friendly! It connects well with my laptop and no issues with picture or sound quality either. It has also helped de-clutter my cable wires since the Ethernet allows sharing an internet connection among various devices. I have tried the cable with different HDMI devices, even those that used the previous HDMI standards and the quality of the videos is perfect as well. I am just disappointed that I don’t have more HDMI devices to use the cable with. The product from Amazon is perfect. Who needs an expensive cable when you can get one that works well and for half the price?